Why Refer to a Prosthodontist?

Referring the patient with complex treatment needs to a Prosthodontist increases the time available to meet the demands of ongoing care for your other patients.

Referring patients with complex problems builds patient loyalty, demonstrating to patients that their best interests take precedence over other considerations.

Your experience will tell you when referral to a specialist is your patient’s best interest as well as cost effective for your practice. Call on us for consultation, assistance, or referral.

Patients whose extensive rehabilitation requirements involve care from several dental and medical disciplines, can present special and time consuming problems for the General Dentist. Prosthodontists are trained to manage and appropriately stage the treatment needs of such patients.

Implementing treatment plans for patients whose oral/occlusal condition has evolved in unexpected and complicated ways during dental treatment can be challenging. Because not every outcome can be predicted during planning, referral of these patients to a Prosthodontist may be the best option.